Born in Fayetteville, AR, I grew up in Hot Springs. After High School I spent a year and a half in Europe.  Upon returning to the states, I enrolled at Henderson State University where my future husband just happened to be enrolled.  In 1988, we moved to Dallas, TX to pursue additional academic opportunities.

While studying dance at Texas Woman’s University in the early 1990’s, I was introduced to Pilates, a form of precise movement used for conditioning.  Studying and practicing Pilates was required of all dance students. I had no idea what a large part of my life Pilates would eventually become. 

After graduating college with a BS in Health Promotion in 1995, I continued to incorporate Pilates into my fitness routine.  I found it to be more effective than other types of training.  During this time I became a certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach. From the mid-90s through 2002 my husband and I stayed in the Dallas area as our careers took off in our respective fields.  When it was time for the next chapter in our lives, we left Texas and found a new home in Nashville, TN.

In 2006 I felt compelled to share some of what I’ve had the good fortune to learn and wrote and published a book called “Life Planning”.  It’s a practical method to discover, define and achieve personal goals.  While it can serve as a guide for weight management and fitness, it works equally well for career planning, personal or spiritual growth and other objectives.  During our time in Nashville I also had the opportunity to begin pursuing Pilates as a purpose and career.  I’m still learning and expect this will be a lifelong pursuit.

In my academic and professional life, I’ve pursued paths that allow me to help others in their search for improved health and quality of life. Working in private, clinical, government, corporate settings and with three universities, I’ve designed and implemented health and Wellbeing programs and taught health, fitness and dance.  Along the way I’ve had the good fortune to teach Pilates with Belmont University, Vanderbilt University HealthPlus, several fitness centers, private studios in Nashville, St. Simons Island and Sea Island, GA.

In 2014, we transplanted our household, once again, to be closer to extended family. We’re living in Northeast Oklahoma, known as Green Country. Currently, I have the privilege of spending time with the Oklahoma State Department of Health where my responsibilities include designing employee and community Wellbeing improvement programs. As you can imagine, there’s a little Pilates in everything I do. 

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